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On the following pages, I will introduce a selection of exercises which I also use in practice. I will not explain exercises which you can find in the book '1011 excercise forms' from Martin Knupp (many greetings to you!). Most exercises are useful for training with beginners, others for more experienced players. Spieler

Normally, I donīt give a time division because every coach/player should decide himself what is needed. Most exercises can be done for condition and for speed. To use these exercises you should consider whether your target group is able to do them or not.

Whoever still has no experiences with such exercises should try out different temporal variations, for example a longer unit or several shorter units in the interval. Since not only a certain hit or sprint way is (in most exercises) in the foreground, I omit a categorization. Whoever looks for exercises for certain hits can look over the search function of the browsers for sting words.

If someone has exercises or hints from which he thinks that these should be introduced here, should send me a mail.

I am grateful for each new practice even if it should not be published.

Badminton specific exercises: Exercises 1/2

General exercises: Exercises 2/2

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