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1. For the strengthening of the ankle-musculature and the balance-sense, the players place themselves on a leg in each case, the other leg is held in the air freely easily. In each case 30 seconds long, to hold the balance, is tried. One starts with it with shoes at the feet on the hall-ground standing, followed from without shoes on hall-ground, after it with closed eyes, without shoes on soft-ground-mat, without shoes on soft-ground-mat with closed eyes etc. To increase the difficulty however for example soft carpet flooring, sand, soft grass-ground etc. are suitable. This practice has enforced itself practically everywhere. There is no depending on a hall. TOP

2. Also for the ankle-musculature suitable is, to place themselves on a leg, bend the other leg so that the thigh horizontal. The shank shows vertically to the ground. Now, the free foot will first pressed outside and then the tension will be hold. Then the foot will pressed inside and also the tension will be hold. After it the free foot will be turned many times to the right and left, without moving the shank. The whole however without shoes, so that the mobility is not restricted in the ankle! TOP

3. I leave the players put back the reverberate-tracks during the cool down on following types: go (a) only on the heels, (b) only on the toes as well as fore foot-bales, (c) on the outside-crust of the feet (legs in O-position), (d) on the inside edges of the feet (legs in X-position). TOP

4. The following concentration-practice should be enforced with a duration of 3 to 5 minutes:
Favor a bank in relaxed stand. Legs in silence-position (approximately 90O degrees). Players should concentrate on their breath-rhythm. With the first exhaling count "One", whith the second exhaling "Two" etc. until "Ten", then start with "One" again. If the players count more then "Ten" or incorrectly, start with "One" again. TOP

5. Another concentration-practice necessitates a little practice of the coach beforehand:
The players sit down relaxed in `cab-coachman-stand´ against the wall, leaned easily at wall, legs developed bent, poor about legs wound, head developed lowered, eyes frankly or closed. The coach leads the thoughts of the players. Players introduce themselves as they sit in a light room at a desk, on a sheet of paper their problems lists, what of it are really problems thinks again, put the leaf into a box in the shelf then, to the door, that door opens and goes into the gymnasium, goes. With the opening of the eyes, they are actually in the hall then, have left their problems behind itself and are now ready for concentrated training. TOP

6. One, really, popular sprint-practice is that "pyramid-squadron". Groups become performed per two players. The first of a group now sprints 1x a certain route back, for example baseline handball-field - center line, the second of the group sprints 1x after him there and back. Then, the first runs again, this time 2x there and back, alternates with the second, etc. until 5x there and back. After it again 4x, 3x, 2x and 1x there and back. TOP

7. A perseverance-practice for bodies and spirit: The players stand on thigh-length of a wall and go into the crouches. Shanks and thighs as well as thighs and upper bodies form a right angle. The back is pressed solidly against the wall. This position is to retain as long as possibly. In my practices has appeared that on this occasion and with the following practice the girls can surviving clearly longer than the boys! TOP

8. For another practice for perseverance, the players place themselves with the back at a wall up, the heels should touch the wall. Then, the players shall hold their racket horizontally with outstretched arms on shoulder-height as long as like possibly. TOP

"9. Quasimodo" is a relaxation-practice, at which the players sit on the bank up. The shoulders are pulled up, with it the hands and forearms loosely however left. The head is put in the neck until the neck-bulge is perceptible. The bulge is pressed with the head downward. This tension becomes 5-7 sec. approximately held. After it the arms loosely lets down-dangle. The chin is pressed on the breast and the head becomes easily to the right and then to the
left after short lingering, tended to the right and again to the left. The whole is repeated once. TOP

10. As well to the relaxation, the "armor" serves. The players sit on the bank again up. The upper arms become so taut, as if a tennis ball should be jammed with them in the armpit. The breast-muscles (Vektoralis) are also harnessed with it. After approximately 5-7 sec. leave loosely. One repetition. TOP

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